"I want to be less of

what I am not."

~ Our Beloved Tat Sincevich (1956-2016)












About Zac

Zac is a 500hr YTT graduate of the Nosara Yoga Institute.  He received his 200hr training certification in Vinyasa yoga and his 300hr advanced training in Restorative yoga, Self-Awakening yoga, and Inner Quest of the Yoga Guide.  He continually practices Bhakti and Karma yoga; the yoga of love and selfless service, going into his sixth year studying with his foremost teacher, Rose Ma Sincevich.️️

Zac's teaching skills include: vinyasa, yin, core development and awareness, restorative, restorative with props, restorative for arthritic bodies, pranayama, heart meditation, and self-awakening yoga.



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